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5 Simple Tips For a Busy Household

Adjusting a routine in a busy household can be challenging, but implementing small, practical changes can make a significant difference. Here are five simple ways to adjust your routine to make your household more organized and run smoothly:

  1. Create a Weekly Meal Plan:
    • Why: Reduces daily decision-making stress and ensures healthier meals.
    • How: Spend a few minutes each weekend planning meals for the week. Prepare a shopping list based on the plan to avoid last-minute grocery runs. Consider cooking in bulk or preparing ingredients in advance to save time on busy weekdays.
    • I framed a printed menu and it works great!
  2. Establish a Family Calendar:
    • Why: Keeps everyone informed and coordinated.
    • How: Use a physical calendar in a common area or a shared digital calendar. Include all family members’ schedules, appointments, and activities. Regularly update and review the calendar to avoid conflicts and ensure everyone is aware of upcoming commitments.
    • Favorite family calendar
  3. Implement a Morning and Evening Routine:
    • Why: Creates a predictable structure that helps manage time effectively.
    • How: Develop a consistent morning routine that includes wake-up times, breakfast, and getting ready for the day. In the evening, establish routines for winding down, such as setting out clothes for the next day, preparing lunches, and having a consistent bedtime.
    • Pro Tip** do one thing the night before that will make your morning routine that much easier! For us, its filling up water bottles.
  4. Delegate Household Chores:
    • Why: Distributes responsibilities and reduces individual workload.
    • How: Assign specific chores to each family member based on age and ability. Create a chore chart to track responsibilities and ensure everyone contributes. Rotate chores regularly to keep it fair and engaging.
    • Pro-Tip** we use a money reward system for when our boys help with chores that contribute to the household.
  5. Set Designated “Screen-Free” Family Time:
    • Why: Encourages family bonding and reduces screen time.
    • How: Choose a specific time each day or week for activities that don’t involve screens, such as board games, outdoor activities, or family dinners. This helps strengthen relationships and creates meaningful interactions.

By making these small adjustments, you can create a more organized, efficient, and harmonious household routine.

Happy Thursday!

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